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  •  We’ll help you select the right material for your space, then take care of the ordering. 

  •  Ordering flooring is tricky. Knowing how it’s installed can save you from buying too much, or, worse, too little. Our estimators have a deep understanding of the flooring process, ensuring you get a price tag —and floor covering—that’s just the right fit. 

  •  Project management is the glue that holds every successful flooring project together, and one of our most popular super powers. Our detail-obsessed veteran project managers take pride in staying on top of it all: purchasing, scheduling, installation, budget, and, most important, keeping you in the loop. 

  • Ever seen a magician yank away a tablecloth without disturbing a single dish?


    Occupied Office Carpet Replacement is a little like that. We’ll come into your space overnight, carefully inventory and move everything in it, and put it all right back where it belongs.  Result? New carpet, zero downtime. And why hire another vendor for IT and telecomm disconnection and reconnection in the process? Our expert crews can handle that for you, too. 

  •  Committed to good stewardship of natural resources? So are we. Wherever possible, we recycle leftover material, diverting it from landfills.

  •  We’ll ensure your new floors get the best possible start in life. And we can fix any inevitable wear, tear, or worse. Our mission is provide you with floors that bring out the best in your space—and the people in it. 


By recycling excess materials and offering a range of sustainable materials, we can help you meet your goals for sustainability and stewardship.  


Legacy Group has recycled millions of pounds already: Since 2012, 3,997,105 lbs & 2016 alone, 1,185,000 lbs.



    Starbucks' Sodo HQ is going through a "refresh" and Legacy is a key partner. Each phase requires between 6,000 SF and 20,000 SF of flooring using our exclusive O2CR technique. Each phase is due within 4 days. Let's face it, nobody likes waiting, especially Starbucks.



    "I want to thank you and your crew SOO much for turning around RTC-4 carpet order and install so quickly. It was a huge win – they love the results! As always, Legacy is a super partner of ours and I always enjoy working with you and this job again proves your abilities! So, thank you!!!"

    - Janell Wells, PMP, PJM-I | Project Manager, CBRE

  • THE highest level of service with a smile.


    “It has been a pleasure to have Legacy Group as a supplier/partner for the past seven years.  The entire team from sales design to installation have always gone the extra mile to provide the highest level of service with a smile.  I have engaged the team on both furniture and flooring projects with the same high level of service.  They have always been there to help with innovative ideas regardless of the size of the project. I highly recommend them as a trusted resource."

    — Matt Sakraida

    Corporate Real Estate Project Manager, T-Mobile Bellevue Campus

  • "Thank you for all your hard work."


    “I wanted to send you a thank you note for how well the project went and how professional your crew was during your three nights of install.  Thank you for all your hard work.”

    —    Joseph Adams, Building Services Area Manager, Nordstrom Northgate

  • solutions-oriented


    “Fast, courteous, solutions-oriented—and you left our space immaculate.  What more could we ask for?”


  • speed 


    “Record-breaking speed! Thanks!” 

    —    Brian Bek, Project Accountant, GLY

  • burning the midnight oil



    “Thank you and your crew for staying until midnight a couple of times to meet our demands!”





    Due to long construction delays PSF gave us a tight timeline to refresh their office with all new carpet and flooring; exactly the kind of task they were comfortable giving us and knowing we could meet their demands.
    This included:
    * Decommissioning and installing 67 new cubicles.
    * Decommissioning and installing 39 new private offices.
    * Demolition and installation of roughly 20,000 sq. ft. of new carpet.
    * Paint all these areas.
    * Find creative ways to work around a GC who was behind on schedule.
    * Stay flexible enough to move 12 new cubicles at a time with only a day's notice. On more than one occasion.





    "I’ve heard so many of our people saying good things about you and your company.  Let’s continue to find ways to work together on rewarding projects…"

    — George Schuchart, President/Principal



    "HomeStreet Bank has worked with Legacy Group for our flooring needs for several years.  Legacy's service has been great, and we are very pleased with the products they provide to our many locations on the West Coast. We also appreciate that Legacy can help us with very quick turn-around flooring requirements when we are faced with an extremely short schedule to open a new facility."

    - Susan Ferriby, FVP & Manager | Corporate Real Estate

  • setting high standards


    "We know that no other carpet installer that can live up to the standard you have set and that is why we push so hard for Legacy to get the contract."



    "It was “like magic.” You leave your work space one night and the next morning nothing has changed except the carpet. Everything is just the way you left it and is working properly. We are very pleased."

    -Sharon Scott, City of Covington


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